Week 4

In Reflection to week 3

The last week for me has been a real mess, Life has just been getting me to do all the things that i just have to do, like work and family commitments, So im a bad student, But i know dam well that I now have to play catch up and that i will do as i keep my promises, I feel like I’ve let myself down and my appointed guide, But thats not to say that I’ve been deep in thought about my DMP and how to address it, from my understandings it a process that takes some time to get into some sort of shape that works,

I’ve also had a refreshing listen to the worlds best salesman via online Audio, Ive really enjoyed getting to grips with the stories begining and the pattern emerging about passing on the scrolls to the special person,

I’m still a little confused to how much this course is going to cost to complete.

Friday 23rd October,

Im now going over the index cards to really try to get to grips with them, I kind of get them but im yet to get to feel them, if that makes sense to you? I never said or claimed to be a fast learner, in fact im know as the slow learner, but once i get it, its with me for life, So im really looking forward to truly getting it, but I promise to keep my promises!

DO IT NOW X 25 !


Weeek 3,

In reflection to week 2

last week we was told to write on our cards a job that we had to get done that maybe we had been putting off for a while, well mine was a simple job of washing and waxing our outside windows on our apartment, this has issues as we live 3 floors up, i can open the windows and tilt them inwards, i’ve done it a few times before, but if im upfront, its a real pain up the rear back box,

we was then told to draw a BLUE retangle (cant spell it today) and everytime we see a BLUE retangel we are subconsusly going to be reminded of that said job that needs to be done, we also gave ourselves a set date to get it done by,

The Blue retangel has ben showing up a fair bit in my days since last sunday, not so much in the last few days, maybe thats because my life has become a bit hectic with life chores that im not going to make public,

So anyway, I’m say here waiting for the week 3 webinar to start and im just taking my time to re write my 3×5 cards as last week i had to use a tempary note pad as my cards had not arrived in time as i had ordered them online,

As for my DMP, its had a lot of thought, but im still doing my best to get it into 400 words, why its only 400 words, i dont know, your meant to put as much detail into in with feelings abut its a hard thing for me to do right now as im not the best writer in the world as you can most probably see,


I should have written something last week, But Im being upfront, I did not, Bad me, But I did not know what to write, thats the truth, i was thinking hard about what the hell my DMP would be,

But in reflection, i was so excited to know that i’d finally found a pathway that not only did i believe in, but one i have know all my life to be true,

My DMP was sent in, I got it back with a few constructive amendments, I knew it would be sent back as i knew i could not get it right on day one, keeping it down to 400 words was hard

but here i am at week 2 picking up the bat and running with it,

My DPM now needs to have PPN added into it, It will be interesting as I had real trouble keeping it down to only 400 words.

now i got to amend it and add more info and yet keep it down to 400 words !

But this week i wont leave it to the last min to get it done, Last week i wrote it at 3am on Thursday morning when i was due in before midnight hawii time,

also we have been told to write on our cards about a chore or job that we need to complete by 11th of October, my job was to wash and wax all my apartments windows, we have 8 and i live on the 3rd floor. should be interesting !