Week 17 : Death and The Penny Dropping !

This week I’ve been Listening to a Great Audio CD by a guy called “Dave O’Connor” Called

“How to win the inner game of MLM” for which is all about your inner self, Which is also know as “The Blue Print” Ooooooow, I’m getting another bit of information from another area talking about the blueprint and how its sabotaged my life so far,

Talking to the subby is a mega important ritual that TBH I’ve not been that pro active in, also writing things down on my flash cards, which intern has been holding me back, I’ve been lazy and I know it, I’ve been refusing the call,

But I have been spotted saying “Do It Now” out loud 25 times and I’m starting to feel the benefits and now I’m starting to take the exercises more seriously,

I now know that I have to write things down and I need to read things out to myself as if I’m reading a story to my 11-year-old daughter with excitement and enthusiasm!

I really have to take part in the activity or I am just kidding myself that I deserve to be on the course,

So I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s the old me, the old blueprint that has been winning me over and I’ve caught him red handed and now I’m addressing it head on!

“I am pretending to not know that I need to commit more time to this adventure and take the tasks more seriously and not think that I can just sit back and expect things to happen to me.”


The Old Blue print has now been shot in the back as he tired to run out the back door with my sanity the funeral is booked in for Wednesday 12 noon, Come dressed in Black,


“I always keep my promises”,


Paul Donneky




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