Act’s of Kindness!

Today we opened up about doing act’s of kindness, without anybody knowing that we have or had done it for another human or animal,

this is something i already do, I love to leave my paid for parking tickets that have time left on them at the pay station’s payment slots where you put the cash or cards into it, so the next person can park for free on the time ive already paid for,

i also look out for peoples cars who have been unlucky enough to have gotten a parking fine by a parking warden, i just place my parking ticket on there widscreen with a note saying “this is your get out of jail for free card” so it cancels out the parking fine, In the UK it can be anything from £60 to £120,

i also like to buy a food item that has a good shelf life, like a can of something and deposit it into the food bank at the shops exit door, this is collected by the food bank and given to the poor folk who are not in a good place finacialy,

finally as i already stated that i give 10% of all my ebay power sellers shops takings to the masonic trust fund for the children of poor and distressed freemason’s around the world,

So as you can see the good side of me being a kind and loving soul is at work even before i learned about the masterkey,  this means that im meant to be on the MKMMA and I need to focus more on the flash cards and step up my act of kindness,

Peace be the journey,



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