Week 11

I’ve had a far amount of work building up that its taken me away from my computer at the live webinar times, Now i wont commit to just 50% it has to be all 100% or nothing, So it was nothing and now im playing catch up,

But to bring the world up to speed, I’ve noticed a few interesting things, The universe has made my mind a lot clearer, what do i mean, Ive been able to see through peoples BS and their attempts at sitting on their own pissy pottys and trying to hand me the blame for it all, Energy Vampires is the new class im putting them into,

I’m becoming a lot more relaxed with myself and about myself, that does not mean im laying about on the sofa watching the Tv, it means im starting to see things better that are steering me towards my DMP, I call them little nudges, Now in the past i may have just ignored them and got on with my life,

I’ve become careless of others needs and become more focused on my own needs for me and my future me, I’m investing in me more than others without trying to sound selfish,

My 5 closest friends of yesterday have now, since being on the MKMMA either removed themselves or I have deleted them and replaced them with more “can do” positive people who are out there doing life to the max rather than the old crew who was experts in negativity and broke !

peace be the journey,



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