Week 10

Week 10 was a non eventful week as the team was on a holiday , Thanks giving, We don’t get involved in any of that over here in the UK, But thats not to say I’ve not been active in my MKMMA quest,

I’ve been going over a few of the older webinars to have a refresh and see what i missed the first time round,

I’m re learning about all the shapes and colours on the cards, I’m still not 100% sold on them, but I trust Mark and the team 100% so i’m just going to do it,

But what I have been experameanting with as of late is the Law of Giving and Recieving, Let me explain,

I have a Ebay Acount that has “Power Seller” Status, I see a lot of End Of The line Stock, brand new stuff that has had a new box design or some other slight tweak that means there is a new upgraded product to replace they said item,

So nothing interesting there i hear you say, Ah but yes there is, Now all my new listings have a Charity Award attached to them for 10%, This means that 10% of the final value fee goes to a charity of my choice from the list, my charity is below.

Now since giving 10% away, Our sales have rocketed up by at least 50% if not slightly more, I feel more positive about being more charitable and life feels better. Give more means you get more as the flow of energy is allowed to return back to you, Don’t give means your breaking the flow and as eggs are eggs, you wont get anything back in your life that you need,

eBay for Charity item
of the sale of this item will benefit Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
To continue to relieve poverty and provide an education for life for the children of the family of a Freemason and, where funds permit, for any children, as their fathers would have done had they been able so to do.

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