Week 9

Laying all my cards on the table,

I truly get the world on the outside is created from the inside, in other words us, What we think about, we create, What you water grows,

This I’ve know for as long as i can remember being on the planet, I’ve tried to enter into chats with people about it and I’ve had that look that you get from people, you know the look, one eye brow up and the other down,

I’m struggling with the chore cards and the shapes, I’m going to have to restart doing them and re-watching the week 1 to play catch up. I’ve never claimed to be the fastest learner, but I’m a true learner, that means in English, that, once I’ve learned something, I’ve got it and never forget it,

I’m never the one to raise my hand and ask for help, I’ve always battled on through life just getting the job done by myself,

My DMP is driving me crazy, I know what i want, but i really have a problem of putting it into 400 words, I need to create my future with feelings and as much details as i can but , but , but, get it all into 400 words, I’m going to have to cut out loads of details to get that done, im sure my guide is pulling his hair our with me, I don’t mean to do that to him, I know i will get it done.


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