Week 8 , November 16th

Week 8

I’ve restarted reading the greatest salesman and taking it more seriously, I’m a little behind the rest of the pack, but I’ve stepping up and cracking on, getting on with it, Do It Now x25 !

I was out in another town a few days ago, when i went past a book store, Now normally I dont bother with book stores, but this time, i was pulled in by myself, I heard myself say to myself , go on, pop in ! So i did, just walking about in the store i found The worlds greatest salesman part 2 ! it was brand new and only a few £’s, So without any questions in my mind about should i buy it or not, I handed it to the cashier and paid for it, but I’ve decided not to read it unit the time is right,

Now for me and my life, Im starting to feel that things are changing behind the scenss for me, i’m not 100% sure what it is but i can just feel it, the buying of the book, and oh yer i forgot to tell you, I purchased a compass before last weeks webinar,

so anyway, here is my movie poster so far, I have a feeling that i will amend it in the future,



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