The Interview

(Set in Sydney Australia, Sitting at the café just outside the Opera House drinking a large Coffee)

9th May 2025

Hi, I’m Mark Champly from the “The Sydney Business Times” and I have here with me my very amazing guest the World Famous Network Marketer Paul Donneky from the UK.

G-Day Paul,

G-Day Mark,

(Shakes hands)

How does it feel to be the person responsible for helping more people becomes millionaires?

It feels Awesome.  It’s always been my dream to serve people and to be able to help the many and achieve greatness too, show them how to do what I’ve learned to do.  To listen to their stories of the people who are now able to serve others because they have the ability to do just as I have done.

So, you have set people free from the rat race.

I showed them that there was a way to live in harmony with there inner self’s buy helping as many people find out what the real term network marketing was all about, there is a real misconception that its a pyramid thing, a scam all sorts of other interesting names,

I would ask as many people to explain to me what they considered it to be, some of the stuff that was said was really funny and some of it was proper shocking, most of the stories came from their nearest and dearest in there family or from their best friend down the pub called “Dave” who was an expert on everything and master on nothing but yapping rubbish, I’ve learned to call them GUPTR’s, Generally Uneducated People Talking Rubbish! Once you spot a GUPTR you know what to do with them,

So Paul what is network Marketing?

Well Mark, Its a Human being, Showing a product directly to another human and offering to supply what ever it is they are showing them at a great price, for me it is via a online 4 min video explaining all about the services of “Utility Warehouse Discount Club”. The new customer saves money and now has the opportunity to share what they have just seen with as many other people and get paid for doing so, Should they find more people who also like they idea of sharing the great news then they also get paid on the backs of their deals and deals of all the other people who get involves in there own grown network of people, the Tv advertising company just get cut out and the people get rewarded !

It’s really that simple,

Great Paul, Maybe I should take a look to eh?

Sure Mark, after the interview,

So Paul, Now you have achieved greatness by serving the many, what do you plan to do with the rest of your days, Sit back and let the money just roll in and spend it?

No Mark, I give away a good % of my earnings to local charities directly every month, schools, hospitals, care homes and soldiers off the streets, all these sectors need our help, they have all helped me in once way or another, so now I give back because I can, me and my family have all the material things that we can ever desire, we have homes in 3 counties and cars parked and ready in each of the garages, our cloths are all ready in the cupboards waiting for us to return to wear them, holidays when ever we want them, life’s great,

So Paul do you still keep on Networking?

Yes for sure, I enjoy the thrill of the game of helping people and mentoring the serious ones who really show me that they are worth my time investing in them, I’ve give a lot of my time away to a lot of the wrong people because they demanded it, now I have seen a pattern emerging in people who are going to get on with the business and people who just talk about doing the business, I have little test I give them, they don’t know they are tests at the time, not until the very end of the test when I let them in on it when they do a certain task, I wont say what it is as that will let the cat out of the bag,

A great Leader Leads from the front, Not from his arm char in his back office hiding, He has to be seen to be able to muck in and do the do, stand up and be counted and be held accountable for his actions all the time,

But you’re in 3 countries Paul, how do you do all these things,

Ah Mark, Technologies is a wonderful thing if you learn how to use it correctly, I’ve learned how to create Webinars that I hold online once a week for 2 hours, I have discovered Twitter and Periscope, they help me get in touch with all the people who are interested in what I’ve got to say at any given moment in time all around the world, So for example, If I have a brainwave and think, yes, that’s worth sharing, I put up a post via Twitter that I’m going live on Periscope and give people a few mins to log in and have a listen, the 1st few hundred people who get in quick can write me questions on the topic, its great,

What advise would you give any new person that’s just entering Network Marketing?

Mark its very simple, Choose your company that you feel comfortable with, one that offers the best products or services, once that has a great checkable background and history, make sure you use the products or services and are truly satisfied enough put your name to it, Learn the Skills to do your new profession properly, Practise the skills and teach the skills onwards and enjoy the ride,

I like your style Paul,

Thanks mark,

Well thanks for your time Paul; you have been a real eye-opener to the world of Network Marketing and all that it offers,

No Worries Mark, Your Welcome,

Both stands up shakes hands and Paul give Mark a man hug.


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